Lazy eye fetish

I am attracted to people that have lazy eyes. The more lazy their eye, the more attractive it is to me.

It's a huge turn-on, especially eyes that turn outward (e.g. exotropia).

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  • This is my number one fetish, girls with exotropia drive me crazy.

  • I don't want to classify it as a fetish, I just happen to find it beautiful, normal and I'm attracted to it !

  • I'm a young women with a lazy eye : ) its nice to find people who really like it!

  • I have the same fetish, you're not alone.

  • How did it happen? When did you know ?

  • I do to when it comes to Thom Yorke of Radiohead

  • F***** freak

  • It is really sexy - it's like you're making love to a r*****.

  • Amblyopia is literally a disability. Just think on that a little before you rag on people with impairments

  • You're a d***. Imagine being born with a lazy eye and how you'd feel if people took the p***. Its not nice. You're the r***** for making such a pathetic joke. My sister has a lazy eye yet all the boys still want her. Mines lazy when I'm tired and Ive probably had more than you'll ever have.

  • LOL

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