Torn between two lovers

I am torn. I do not know what to do. I am a 24 years old female (blonde – for what that is worth)– a graduate student – and not ready to settle down. I have casually been dating around – but it took a major twist this past weekend. One guy –(Dave) that is in my graduate program with me – made me dinner at his apartment Thursday evening. It was nice – I stayed over Thursday night. Friday morning – he told me that he knew I was going away for the weekend with Joe – the other guy. David said he wanted me to think of him when I was with Joe – and so he had s** with me – and went down on me – and really did a good job with me.

Now – Joe is older – and has a great paying job – He is an executive manager of a large resort in the area. He made arrangements for he and I to go to a health spa / resort near by. It is owned by the same company he works for. He had champagne , flowers, and reservations set for a high end restaurant in the area. He had a limo pick us up, went dancing, and brought me to a clothing store – and bought me a sexy black dress for the next day.

Of course we went back to the room, and Joe seduced me. – he also went down on me – and made me feel so good.

Saturday was more of the same…..with time by the pool – getting a massage, and another fancy night out. but I have had mixed feelings about having s** with two different people on the same day. Neither person was exclusive - One guy is rich – the other – a grad student with no $. I have strong emotions for both. Not sure what to do.

(PS – I was safe……so no need to mention the STD thing…….I know to protect myself…)

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Honey, it sounds like you REALLY LOVE to get your p**** eaten.
    But let me tell you, if neither one of them ate your a****** out, you didn't get a good job.
    I'd have eaten you front and rear, plus f***** you in that tight, hot, little pucker.

  • ^ This is not a hotline.

    Make sure you think of their background, personality. They may seem nice now just to have s** with you than throw you out later so be careful. I agree with the first comment.

    GL ^^

  • I bet you are one hot young woman !!! Do you have a part of you that is turned on that you can get these guys to do tyherse things for you? Joe bought you a sexy little number - because he wants to show off his hot girlfriend. How much oldewr is Joe.

    I have dated younger woiman before .... and enjoyed buying them sexy outfits...

    Yea....I bet you are one Hot Sexy Girl - and that were turning heads in a bikini when you were by the pool.

  • Try not to quantify them by what assets they have. Which one is nicer. Honest? Good values and morals. Open with their history? More educated, or is one of them an intellectual and can hold a discussion about something literary?

    The special treatment shouldn't count for much, as it could be all comped as a internal expense.

    Dave can cook. Can Joe? Which has domestic skills, and which one expects to date their mother who should do all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry? Does either volunteer their time, or donate constantly to a charity?

    Can you tell if one of them is a 'good person'? Meaning, no real mean or sarcastic streak? Anger management issues? Rude to underlings (not applicable to Dave yet?)? Has had a pet in the past? Stable family?

    There are so many things like these that you should evaluate many levels. Not just their current monetary status.

    Best of luck!

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