Thing Will NEVER be the Same...

Preface: I am going to use the name Joe in place of my real name.
I am going to use the name Bobby for my brother.

I am a male and I am bisexual. About a year ago I went out with a wonderful guy. He was what I thought I was looking for and he made me happy like no one else could. Everyday when I saw him I smiled and I felt a tingle in my heart for him. After about 2 weeks into our relationship my brother asked me if he could hang out with us, saying that he had nothing to do and that he was bored. Feeling some understanding for Bobby I allowed him to hang out with me and my boyfriend. After about 2-3 weeks things started to become very odd. I noticed the Bobby and my boyfriend would be a little too friendly. After many situations that made me think and feel uncomfortable, I became very suspicious. One day well Bobby was getting ready for school I went through his text messages. Turns out him and my boyfriend were fooling around and wanted to now be together. My boyfriend cheated on me with my brother and my brother betrayed my trust. My friends tell me that I must forgive them and move on, but I just can't bring myself to forgive them. I feel so betrayed and hurt. I don't know what to do. To make matters worse, I still have feelings for my ex.


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  • It is up to you to forgive.

    No one can tell someone else they must forgive
    It is you that was betrayed not them.
    Do what is best for you.

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