My husband beats me

and then apologizes, then does it again. We have no s** life only his forceful rape style tactics. He pulls my hair really hard and calls me names. He has so much control yet the b****** does not work or produce a dime for the house. I work 2 jobs and run home and home I cooked the way he likes. Why must a person treat another this way. My young son said "cook b****" the other day because his dad taught him that. He teaches my son to be like him and laughs so hard until he coughs his head off because he is a chain smoker. I hope he dies of lung cancer soon or even better yet I hope he runs away with one of the whores he talks to on Craigslist. Die b****** die!!!

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  • You should seriously go to the police for your sons safety

  • You think YOU'VE got it bad????
    I not only beat my w**** wife every chance I get, but I let my buddies beat on the b**** too.
    I make her f*** and suck my buddies whenever and wherever I want. She's my slave...........and always will be.

  • Wow how would you feel if somebody does that to your mother, sister or daughter. Do you not have respect for women?

  • I'd kill the guy, but maybe you should take the logical route and get a divorce, and a restraining order???

  • your husband sounds like the man. I will have to try harder to make my wife do all that s***. Once again your husband is a God

  • There must be something that you enjoy about being mistreated. Maybe you enjoy being unhappy. You need to get your control back and just go crazy... thow stuff break the tv... break the windows.. tear up anything you can,,,, that will make your husband and your son that you wont put up with their s***. and they will both straighten up because they both know that they cannot make it without you, you have to shock them, instead of always being predictable knowning that they can run over you. just try my advice, they wont see it coming, they will experience a reality check, and if you decide to leave.. leave for good!

  • leave him- or get the cops

  • ^ I agree. It's absolutely hard to leave but there are support mechanisms available for you. Hoard the money quickly and get out. You earned it right? But if you don't want to do that, force him to correct himself. Have the law intervene if you must, but you'll need proof. Video from a phone camera? Audio recording?

    The role model issues is huge. Protect him quickly. I'm sure he cares for you but will objectify you and not appreciate you.

  • Why would you want him to run away with another woman, do you want them to get beat up like you?

    Call the police, get him arrested, then move to another state. I know you think that may be hard to do, but do you really want your kids to grow up watching this?

  • This is a destructive relationship. You need to leave and get out if not for yourself for your small son who I am sure you do not want this man as a role model, or for your son to become like him. You are strong to be in this relationship but you need to be stronger for your son and the times ahead- if you do not leave now.

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