Hate You You Little MFer

I hate my boyfriends baby
It was born yesterday to my dismay.
I prayed for months that it would die in it's b**** mom's womb. I can already feel our relationship falling apart. Thanks you little b******.

Jul 8, 2016

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  • You should actually be hating your boyfriend not the child. The child wasnt there when your person decided to be with other. If you feel like its being destroyed maybe it is but it would only be because of your man or your insecurity about the child. You would win if you were more accepting of the child. Your man will see through you and pick the other woman and child over you if you are not careful.

  • We are not together now. I do realize I was wrong for all my anger towards the child. I never expressed it to him. I cannot be in a relationship with someone who tells me "You're already a step mom" when I express my want for a child. I do not feel like waiting to start my own family. He's wasting my time. So I decided to leave. I know it's selfish but I cannot deal with another woman sharing these precious moments with the man I'm in love with. Plus even before the baby was born she was p****** him off and he'd take it out on me. Not dealing with that either. I never actually wished the child would die I just pretended like it wasn't going to happen. When it came around I just snapped. So yes we're not together. He's going to be a better father without me

  • It's not often we see common sense prevail in situations like this. I think your evaluation of the situation was spot-on. I don't know the guy but I've heard this story a thousand times, and often wonder when someone would get smart and step out of the way of the oncoming train. Now that you've done just that, just sit back and wait for that moment -- it's coming -- when you'll say to yourself, "Whew! Good thing I escaped that train wreck!" And it's true. Sometimes, we should put our own happiness first. Trust me, you would have been terribly unhappy. Not every guy is a chicken. Now that you've stepped up a level, perhaps it will get easier for you to find the type of man who's a real man. We're out there.

  • It's for the best that you moved on. Your bf didn't sound like the most mature fellow. You probably would be a great step mom if it was a different scenario. Like you were dating a man and you knew he had children. This situation, there is too much drama. He and the baby mama have no idea how to coparent. You'll be happier in the longrun. Give yourself some time to move on and then start to date again. Number one on your list a man who is single and available. One without children currently, but want a family in the future- right!

  • Grow up! You need some serious help that you are blaming a baby for the reason why your relationship sucks. If you plan to stay with this guy, you are going to have to get used to this child and baby mama being in your life. Otherwise, break.up and move on.

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