I am now 16 and almost 17. My best

I am now 16 and almost 17. My best friend is a year younger than me. We had gone out only once for only 1 week, then broke up. She says we can not go out becuase bestfriends aren't allow to go out with each other. Well last July1st, i was over her house. She had given me my first kiss, my first time at 2nd base, my first time at 3rd, and then i lost my virginity to her that nite. My confession is that I knew very well that she still had a boyfriend, but i just listened to her say "I dont have one for this weekend". Then 3 days later i went over the boyfriend's house and hung out wit him. I never told him that his g/f cheated on him with me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • you're young...you'll learn and the world will open up, but for the time being get focus and realize there is a lot outside of her

  • shame shame shame

  • PS...u can call me UAKTags..im the author of this confession..and anyothers that i sign...

  • strangely enough tho, i still love her...i love her more then anything or anyone in this world. Everyone tells me that if i date her, she'll just do the same to me, but she only did it once, and that was with me. She never made that mistake again, so i must feel that its a sign, that it was with me and not sum1 else.

  • sounds like a w**** to me..

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