I hate her every moment of the day

I hate my sister. It's not the usual sisterly hate, it's the I want to kill you every time I think about you kind of hate.
These thoughts didn't appear until she started loosing a ton of weight due to a "stomach problem", which caused her to puke a lot. I think it was just a cover for her becoming bulimic or something. Now she's lost over like 100 pounds and I'm still fat and struggling to loose weight. It was so easy for her, but I could never do that to myself, although I think about it all the time.

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  • How can you blame her for her success? You failure is her fault? Does she act condescending to you about the weight?

    Is she still losing weight if she is bulimic?

  • so you're basically a fat ugly jealous b****.

    wow. you've got a lot going for you...

  • I think hating your sister is just a cover-up for being so jealous of her and maybe if you stop being so mean and ugly about the feelings you are having towards your sister then you can lose weight. Your sister can't control that she had a problem and lost all that weight but you can control all the things you just said about her. She is your sister in the end she is the one that is going to be there for you. I think you should tell your sister how you feel and let her know every bit of it and talk to her about it. I really don't think you hate your sister I think you love her but you have a strong jealousy towards her and it makes you feel like you hate. You should go to a counselor and I advise that you should take your sister to see a counselor with you to say how you feel and maybe this can help you and your sister connect more

  • Your letting jealousy eat you alive. And if you ask me that makes you ugly inside. Maybe she lost all that weight because her outside appearance now will match her inside as well. Work on yourself. Your hateful, and it'll only get worse.

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