Ok what the h*** is going on why is it that most guys just think about s** and not about love I mean don't you want to eventually settled down and have a family with a women and be faithful to her and love her.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Wow thats a hard question

  • I didn't mean all men I said some men if you took like that sorry and if I offended someone I'm sorry ok-ShyGirl101

  • I'm a woman and I can tell you there are plenty of women who don't want to be married, or have children.

    Its called personal choice. Love and romance have nothing to do with it, personally speaking I'm very happy by myself, I go on dates, I hang out with friends, I just have no desire to marry or have kids.

    You are really very young, so don't just judge people like you know everything. :)

  • You are 16 you don't know anything yet. Might as well ask why women only care about about looks, or why they'd date a j*** over a nice guy.

    Saying that all guys, or all women do one thing is stupid.

    You judge people as individuals, not as groups. Not all men are like that, Neither are all women like the generalizations I gave.

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