The Goodbye from ShyGirl101

Okay well after being on this site a few days I realize its just for a couple of low life nobodies who want attention and to the people that I did say stuff to I meant it every single word. Okay well some of you are going to comment sarcastic remarks on here but all well I don't really expect nothing from a bunch of low life teenage kids all of you on here are like 14 and Im 16 bouts to be 17 I'm too old for this. So GoodBye.

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  • Thanks for taking up for me well sort of comment number 9 and Carlos is my ex but he got what he deserved because he didn't know how to treat me right but his "friend" Kevin sure did. Oh and ShyGirl was a b**** so now its HERE4U cause I figured I could be a lil less of a b**** and I could lay low and actually give some advice to people

  • Hey, F*** YOU, CARLOS.
    Shy girl is MY squeez, you a******.
    Keep your oily, greasy spic hands off my s***, m***********.

  • Yo I hey ShyGirl is 15 actually she lied to all you she is my ex girlfriend I would know I won't say her name thought because that aint right but I say it starts with a K and ends with an E and she in is highschool. She is my ex she left me for my "Homie" or so I thought he was. My name is Carlos but people call me C. I will never forget what ShyGirl did to me I loved her but you know wat f*** her. She is so damm fine though but she was too young anyways 2 years difference she tries to act older cause everyone tells her she look like she is 16 or 17 but she is only 15. So just ignore everything she say alright.

  • f*** you're probably 14 too.
    why else would you get p***** when we talk about them?

  • L-O f****** L. I actually laughed out loud when I read this. Especially the part "Im 16, about to be 17. Im too old for this." Whooh, good one.

  • Okay then whatever you say but I am truly sorry. I'm not leaving the site no more I'm just changing the way I act.

  • ^You're not bored, you just suck as a troll, and couldn't take it. Just weak.

  • I can take criticism but I want to be at a place where I'm wanted and I'm not tryin to put down the 14 year olds like that ok so my bad bout that. and mostly im leaving because im bored of this site on this site as a b**** and that wasn't right to anyone.-ShyGirl101

  • I thought you could take criticism?

  • What a hypocrite, you're all defending the 14 year olds and now you're better than them? Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

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