Nothing but regrets

I had a bad coke problem 5 years ago. My mother took my kids. It was only for 2, maybe 3 months but it still happened. What saved my life was me being evicted, and having to live with my mother. Here's my confession, sometimes to support this habit of mine I sold myself. Not alot, but to at least 5 different men. The best ones to find were the drug dealers who sniffed themselves. I want someone to know. It happened. I did this, and Ive moved on. I am now doing better than Ive ever done. Im in school pursuing my master's degree, and I have a beautiful home. Sometimes in class I look around, and wonder if anyone elses past is as bad as mine. Thanks for letting me vent.

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  • This is actually kind of hot. I got off thinking about the scenarios you found yourself in.

  • u f****** w**** what are u doing in school? U should be cleaning toilets or still sucking off hiv infected scum bags. Or even laying dead cos u sucked the wrong man. Your the type of people that is wrong with this world

  • Hopefully you have a terrible genetic condition that leads to your painful demise.

  • Im sure everyone has a part of their past they're not proud of. You've done quite well to move on from those days, and make something for yourself. You sound like my kind of woman... experienced, smart, responsible. You've seen both extremes and are now settling into your comfort zone.

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