Was I Adopted

I'm the only girl in my family besides my mom and I get treated like crap I mean to "my" brother Im either a hoe,w****,s***, or b**** and to my dad im a h**** or something and my mom called me a b**** sometimes to. Im not like everyone else in my family Im so different. I have different outlooks on everything and I think they hate me or resent me for that. For example my parents and my brothers feel that you should only be with someone that is the same race as you but I don't feel that is true I mean I know there not racist because we have family of different races but they feel you should only date someone of your race and it bugs me because I don't feel the same way. I don't even think I look like anyone in my family I want to ask my parents if I was adopted but I can build up the courage to do so because my mom and dad have shown me birth certificates pictures of me as a baby at the hospital and even told me a story about how I was born early because I was gonna die if they waited for me to be born on time. So I still think that I was adopted but If I was how can they have so much proof and stories about me as a baby.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^^ Not only is she a weirdo, but I suspect she's a little white w**** who LOVES black c***.

  • First commenter here;
    Wait a minute.
    You said you don't look like anyone in your family and want to ask if you're adopted, but can't find the courage to do so.
    Now, you say you're sure you're your dad's kid?
    Something way wrong here, sweetheart.
    I'm beginning to think your family is right.
    You ARE a f*****' weirdo.

  • Thank you for that but I know for a fact that I'm my dads kid but I appreciate everything

  • They may have covered their tracks but you're on to something, it's just not the "something" you think.
    Fact probably is, you're illegitimate.
    Your mother probably had you as a result of her having s** with somebody who wasn't her husband.
    She obviously told her husband that you were his daughter, when, in fact, you'll never know who your REAL dad is.
    The reason they treat you different, is because they all suspect something, like you do, but, like you, can't quite put their finger on it.

  • Suck my d***

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