C the main man

Okay so listen up I was reading ShyGirl101 or HERE4U's confessions and comments and you guys just had to say a few things to make her quit this site she was weak but Im not weak okay I tell you what is on my mind and I will sometimes be nice and sometimes be a b**** about the confessions I read on here I have a fck up life and past I've made my mistakes and I owned up to them from the smallest mistake to the biggest mistake if I can relate to it Ill let you know but if what you gonna say on here is a bunch of bullshit then don't bother confessing s*** ok. My name C and I will logo my name on everything ok. So Whats up now.

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  • Ok all these comments are rude. She is right you can't bully someone for making the wrong/right choices it's their life and they can do whatever they want with it. If they want to be a S*** let them be that. It's how they live. It's not yours. Also stop trying to be a H**** B**** on this website!

  • no one cares with the f*** you got to say. all the stuff you is so stupid and pointless. Do me and everyone else a favor... if u wanna blog go get yourself a damn twitter account!!!

  • iight is slang and c your are retardeddumbass

  • What the f*** is iight? Learn to spell, ya miserable shitbag.

  • Hey f*** you I was taking talking about my ex girl in here and I wanted her to see that I the one who wrote the s*** I wrote ok so my name goes on it iight so f*** off b****

  • ^Not all of us, just enough to humiliate the rest of us though.

  • Are all americans so f****** stupid?

  • Hey when I wrote this I wasn't putting nobody down but but ShyGirl101 alright. That chick cheated on me with my so called best friend. Yeah thats I right I know who ShyGirl is she is just a young immature girl that I regret wasting my time on.

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