Why so angry?

How come everytime you post something theres always some d*** who has to say fake, bullshit, or say your grammer is bad. some people come on this site for entertainment some for help. now i admit when i was bored i would make some bullshit confessions just to see some angry responses from internet geeks, but i dont get how if the constant hecklers of these confessions are so smart how come they spend all their on the site. if they were actually smart they`d have a good job and would be to busy to be on the internet all day. i go on this site to be entertained and to vent but some come on to be a wet blanket and ruin everyones good time. to all the guys reading this smoke a joint f*** your girl then go outside and enjoy life. in fact im a do that right now Peace...

Nov 26, 2011

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  • So i sometimes post bs untrue posts on here for teh lulz but i dont understand y ppl troll this site peace...

    You have all the capability for insight of a slightly brain-damaged sea urchin. Peace...

    And some of us own our own business, like myself. I pop in here when I have a free moment, sometimes more frequently than at other times, to 1) read others' stories 2) post the very occasional (true!) confession myself 3) comment on others. Sometimes I'm supportive, if I think it's genuine. Other times I ridicule the OP if it's clearly a BS post or the OP is stupid, like in this case. Peace...

  • Oh tell the rapists married men please. "don't you get near that sweet little virgin or single woman who deserves a better man!"

  • The my awesome life confession is true i legaly sell weed in california and i am doing well. and the exile all with aids and herpes is just an opinion not fact thats why you post so you can get out your oppinions and vent about things. and the reason i posted the aids and herpes 1 is because i was gonna have a 1 night stand with this girl i met at a party and we were gonna f*** but when she took off her panties i saw genital worts on her and i left right away. and your right i am not the best at creative writing and i guess thats why you think my posts were fake but the way i see it unless your gonna be an english professor or a author having good grammer is not that important in my life i sell weed for a living and i am happy doing it so i dont need great writing skill its cool your good at it and i hope you can get a good job with your skill set. in my profession i am an amature botanist i cross breed different strands of weed to make better more potent new strands of weed. i do what i like so do you bye;)

  • I'm the one that commented on that dumbass "wonderful life" and "Exile all with Aids and Herpes" posts of yours. I don't have a problem if you post made up bullshit, just make it more believable and a little less stupid. I have plenty to do, but enjoy my daily dose of Confession Post and have made confessions (true ones) of my own. I just really dislike morons such as yourself passing themselves off as intelligent people when they clearly don't know what the f*** they are talking about.

  • Good point but i post on my phone so there are some errors and because of that theirs some guy who has no life that has to f*** with every post i put on here the only ones that were not true are the confessions under funny and i thought funny was for funny made up confessions but no one can take a joke. laugh people.

  • well, if you notice all the pain and frustration that pours out of people on this site, are you really that surprised that people vent and spew on you ? there are a lot of unhappy, frustrated, sad, depressed people that come here.

  • Fake confessions are heckled because they deserve it. Most confessions that seem fake are just too unreal sounding in details or written like the person never got past kindergarten in writing ability, education or intelligence. Real confessions or confessions that seem real deserve the actual attention of people who bother to reply to them with worthy thoughts.

    Does this give you an idea why fakers are deservedly heckled ?

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