i need some advice on how to start a conversation with my fiance. we;ve been together for almost 3 years and he treats me AMAZING... most of the time. but sometimes when he'll text me, he'll tell me to shut up and/or go away, and i really dont like it. i know its nothing major but i dont like being treated like that, i was just wondering if anyone could help me think of a nice, calm way to bring up the situation instead of freaking out on him about it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • This guy needs to learn how to CONVERSE with you not put you down and ridicule you. F uck him off NOW. If the kunt told me to shut up, he'd have a blood nose and two black b alls.

  • you need to just say, honey i am your fiance not a child. i dont deserve to be spoken to that way. its offensive. im a lady not a b****!

  • He is like any normal guy who does not know why he doesn't want to commit. He is afraid. So he lashes out rather than really inspect his own feelings. Its a chronic issue with some.

  • that dont work, next time he snap like that then calmly let it be known you dont roll like that and if he keep it up he gonna loose a fiancee, mean it when u say it and show a lil attitude and he'l get the point, trust me been there done that!

  • The "we need to talk" bit always works.

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