The Secret of My Life

I am 28 years old, married, with two children. I recently reconnected with an old high school boyfriend on Facebook 7 months ago. We began chatting innocently about our lives, hopes and aspirations. Slowly, it turned into alot of, "I wonder if's." From there it grew into heavy flirtation, and finally the urge to meet up again, in person, beyond the security of the computer screen.

Our first meeting was in July. I met him after work, we got in my car, and drove around the town, just talking. We never went anywhere for a drink liked we planned. We ended up taking a walk around a local, secluded lake and alot of kissing and touching happened.

From there, my desire to be with him grew deeper and deeper. We would meet up just for a kiss in the car behind a business. And eventually, ended up in the back of his car in a park. And then on to a cheap hotel for a few hours.

Eventually, he told me it needed to end. He said that no matter what was lacking in our marriages, that this was not the answer. I was crushed, but agreed with him. And we decided to stop.

We both have great lives. Great jobs, beautiful families, and significant others that love us. My husband is admired by eveyrone I know, and how he treats me. Yes, he can be lazy at times, but so can I. He is what some would call the perfect husband.

We are 7 months into our reconection with eachother, and we are back to being intimate again. Only now, we have both professed our love for eachother. We love eachother. I think of him always. He tells me things that could literally make me float away. He is not the best looking man in the world, but he is to me because of who is is to me. The way he kisses, the way he holds me, they way he talks to me. Everything about him is what I want now in life. He is completely opposite from my husband, which is what I once wanted in life.

We both have decided that divorce is not an option for us. BUt, it is so hard to live like this. Meeting up occassionally for a kiss, or a quickie. It is to the point now where he is coming to my home, and we make love in me and my husbands bed.

Do I continue this affair forever? I would be crushed if it had to stop.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Why stop?
    If you and he are happy with the situation, keep doing it.
    Your husband need never know.
    After all, it has nothing to do with your husband, it has everything to do with you and your lover.
    You know you sleep well lying next to your husband knowing your lover's sperm is alive and well inside your body.
    The taste of his manhood on you lips.
    You have the best of both worlds.
    Don't mess it up.

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