Relationship with best friend.

When we were 11-14 years old my best friend and I would kiss, hold hands, and say we loved eachother. We would play games where we would pretend to be eachothers future husbands. This involved dry humping eachother and sexting. We stop the games when we were about 12 but continued to kiss. We made out with eachother on multiple occasions and made out with a frenemy as well. Everyone knew we made out. She had feelings for me but I'm not sure if I did for her. We aren't friends now and have never addressed this again.

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  • I love it when I get dressed up in lingerie and heels and suck a d***

  • I was sucking my12 yo mate off back then we would love slipping his c*** in and out of my butt cheeks

  • Do you do it know

  • :-)

  • I remember the first time a friend put her hand up my shirt. I was frozen up for days.

  • Lol my first best friend, was my first kiss :-)
    We did it once and I initiated it. I was eleven and she was fifteen. It was lovely.

  • Weird hey. If the adults saw they would go off their nuts. I remember when I was 11 & 12 I used to wear little skirts and dresses all the time. I used to like the feeling of vulnerability or something. This sort of exposed feeling. I used to like to be touched. Id sit next to other kids so close that the outside of my leg would touch the outside of the leg of the kid beside me. These days I'm sure a mother would not allow such skimpy clothes but 30 years ago they did not seem to worry.

  • It's true, I was the same. My mum used to clothe me in skirts and short tops. I never thought anything of it though, until I went to the park and there were two girls there. Whilst I was on the swing, "one of the girl's approached me and told me my top was revealing, and that she could see my b****** through it"

    I was naive and innocent in a way, because at that age, I never thought anything of it. But now I'm older and aware of such things, I never wear anything revealing lol

  • My school uniform was a skimpy netball skirt and polo shirt with the school crest on the pocket.

  • The innocence of childhood. As a parent i try hard to protect it.

  • Ok so.

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