Nothing is ever good enough-my husband

Nothing is ever good enough-my husband is such a nagging ungratefull b****. Hes selfish,self centered,self absorbed he has to have his own way all the time. He thinks I'm stupid.He has chissled away my self worth and called it "encouragement".He denys thats hes controling. I would leave him in a heartbeat if I didnt have kids.I hate his family too.They think rays of sunshine come out of his ass.Hes 40 going on 60.Hes no fun. I hate him.I'm a shell of a woman I once was.He will never fight for me.I hate him...I hate him...I hate him.
I love Quentin...but he doesnt know it.

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  • Oh God! Another f****** Quentin post! Get the f*** over it b****!

  • Grammar Check, proper english puncuation would require either a semi-colon (;) or a period (with capitalization). Just thought I would grammar check your ass for a change!

  • Grammar Check == B****, your the B****! You need to get a life and stop typing so much. Oh, and use a comma (,) instead of a dash (-), and go back to third grade English.

    Have a nice F****** day, B****!

  • start drinking, aLOT, kay*

  • Sounds like you need to meet me at the motel in 1 hour! Get loose and live- life is way too short

  • my namy majidbaghalzadeh 35 yarz

  • I was in the same spot as you, I have 1 child a didn't want to leave because of him. I finally did leave and one year later I met the most wonderful man in the world he love my child like it were his own. I couldn't even imagin what would happen to me let alone my child if I would have stayed think about it!!!!!

  • are you sure your not married to my wife?

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