family affair

I fantasize all the time about having s** with my mother, and about having s** with my younger sister. I honestly want to do all sorts of nasty s** acts with them. If I was EVER given the chance, I would touch, taste, lick, and do them.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I had s** with my own younger sister when she was 11 and we carried it till she turned 22 years l still fancy her but she feels it is a sin

  • I'm a 53 year old single mother who inadvertently came across my 19 year old son masturbating. I could have walked away. I stayed and watched him. I felt guilty and turned on. He was watching a video on his computer while he jerked off. The video was of an older woman who had a hairy bush. I also have one. I wonder if he has seen me naked and as a result likes hairy mature women.

  • it is actually more common than most people think. When I was a teenager I wanted s**. other than homosexuality I would have had s** with anyone. i watched my mom dry off after showering a few times and jacked off while watching. I had s** ( but not intercourse) with both of my step sisters. It is just hormones taking over. Now I just have s** with my wife and I still have an active fantasie s** life. I would f*** my step daughter in a New York minute.

  • I don't have a sister, but I would definitely have s** with my mom. She's not hot, but the taboo is such a turn on. This desire may not go away as you get older, though. I'm 30 and married, but if I had any opportunity, I would have unprotected s** with my mom tonight. Imagine the look on my wife's face if she walked in on that!

  • Your mother is one sick B****!!!

  • Had s** with my stepsister when I was 17. About a week later my mom told me she knew about it and that if I wanted to talk with her more about it she would come to my room after my dad was asleep. I said no. Sometimes I wonder how much more could have happened. But I was kinda scared.

  • Dude, that kind if sounds like your mom is interested.

  • Lots of boys have the same fantasy. Only natural to get aroused if mother and sister are sexy as well. Your fantasy will subside as you grow older.

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