Okay, My Father Is 42 years Old and Has

Okay, My Father Is 42 years Old and Has a Crush On My BestFriend With is 15, I think its so Gross, But There Is No Way In Letting Him Know Because He will Continue Talking Dirty Stuff about Her Like Oh I wanna Slam her, Eww But I Try to Say Stuff to him He guess Doesn't Understand.
Any Advise.

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  • -----------------------> LET IT BE he really need ayounger girl right now for some reason and she is not 10yo girl she 15yo and know what she doing he did not rape her it is all willing s**
    DONT CALL THE COPS OR ANYONE ABOUT THIS YOUR DAD WILL GO TO JAIL FOR 20 years AS YOU WILL FIND OUT WHEN YOU GET HIS AGE YOUNGER GIRLS ARE LOOKING SO GOOD and you want a younger girl so f****** bad but the way the laws are you dont to go to jail for it then you find some girl that is willing to have s** with you AND YOU JUST CANT HELP YOURSELF FOR DOING IT WITH HER
    keep it to your self no one need to know
    but only if you love your dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....;-]

  • good for yr dad, your mom must be fat and lazy. hahahahha

  • Turn your dad into the police, he is a pedophile!

  • That is just "GROSS" . Grown men should not be looking or even commenting on 15 yr old girls, especially to their own children, sounds like he is a sexual predator and mother needs to step in and lay down some rules, before someone gets hurt (probably you).

  • I;ve read this confession about 10 times and have though about it in great detail.. what is the root cause of the problem?!!?

    well the real root cause of the problem isn't that he's h**** for a 15 year old girl... the real problem is that he has no problem discussing his desires with you a underaged daughter.
    There is only one logical reason for this....his true l*** isn't your friend its you his own daughter. He is acting out his desires on your friend but in his mind hes watching for your reactions are you jealous? can she see me as a sexual man vs. her father?
    I think if you pay close attentions to the signs you will see im right.

    Sexual desires are very hard to control they are ilgoical and can be very dangerous. Many sexual predetors knew at the time what they were doing was wrong but because it felt good they continued doing it. They tend to think the other person likes it even when they don't just so they can continue with the act.

    I don't know your living arrangments with your father or if your mother is around but I would definately have a serious talk with your father, and say hey I don't want to have s** with you. When he looks all confused and embarrased tell him thats how you feel everytime he's talking about your friend, cause she could just as easily be you. (same age). If your father doesn't get that than you should consider furthur actions police and crap like that.

  • Tell your dad to back off and dont bring your friend around for awhile. He has not done anything illegal yet, but if he goes beyond words, his life will be over as far as he knows it now. Just not bringing her around may give him the time to cool off before he does anything stupid.

  • If a 42 year old man has a crush on a 15 year old thats called a PEDOPHILE.Tell your dad he had better knock it off or he could go to jail .Ask him if he understands the words PEDOPHILE,LAWYER,POLICE AND JAIL. Not only that but your confession can be traced right to your house.If hes slobbering over your friend like that,he could be doing it to some other girls as well. YO DADDY SHOULD BE LOCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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