Well it's true....

My friends girl likes me and I don't want to take her from him and she says stuff to me like your always on my mind and stuff wtf do I do

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  • well you say she likes you but you dont say what you feel about her. if you like her or are attracted to her you should totally take her out for a test drive and see how things go. or if shes just good to go for any guy around thats different cuz you might get a std or something. but if shes really into you in particular then you should try her on. if you dont like her that way then theres no prob right?

  • I disagree

    If she's your FRIENDs girl, I wouldn't take her from him. That's not what friends do. If you like her, just remain friends. You should respect that your friend has the girl.
    If you went along with the way she treats you and ended up going out with her or sleeping with her, you could potentially lose your friend. Is it worth it? Don't just think about yourself and how you would feel, think about the other person.
    Also think if you did end up going out with her, would she stick with you? She's flirting with you already but she's apparently going out with this other guy. What does that say about her? Think wisely.

    If she keeps saying this stuff to you and demands things from you say you're off limits...that you have a girlfriend. She won’t know whether this is true or not. You may not be telling the truth, but it’s something to get her off your back lol. Or just cut off the friendship or whatever it is you have between you and her. Simple as that. You might like her, but if you tell her you're not interested it will save you from making so many mistakes in the future…unless of course your friend isn’t at all that important to you...? If you don’t really care for how your friend feels well then do what you want but then you're an a****** lols.

    If you don't like her, well that's easy just say no! and distance yourself from her. How hard can it be? You can't be weak when saying no. Say it like you mean it. Say it directly.

    Not sure if I would tell your friend about what she's been doing to you though. He might think that you're making it up and won't believe you unless you have evidence... I don't know. How close are you? Would he believe you?

    It would have been easier if you told us whether you liked the girl and how close you are between you and your friend lol. But that’s ok, think about the situation. Make the choice that feels right to you…

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