It's already the end of the world for me...

Right now, while I was writing this, my tears start to flow. Why don't people understand me? Why can't they just accept me as who I am? It's all my family's fault. They didn't gave me the freedom to live like how my classmates, friends, and cousins live. I have no true friend but my dog named "B". Now I want to be a pilot, not because I dream to, but because I feel away from the land where problems and sorrows are. I want to be a pilot, no matter what. If I didn't become a pilot, then i'll just buy my own plane and travel all by myself. No one to distract me nor dictate me what to do. I SWEAR! >:-(

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  • hang in there .. leave everything at the feet of the lord , and ul be okay i swear .. and this is coming from me having been there .. everything will be okay ... :) god bless

  • If someone like you ever gets a pilot's license, I'm moving my desk to the basement.

  • i feel the same way

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