Sick of the species known as humans

So I'll start off by stating I'm a 15yo male and I live In AZ. Lately I've been so irritated with everyone. Sometimes I wish I didn't care about school so much just so I could run away I personally think ill be fine for a while on my own, but I live in the middle of phoenix and would have no way of getting to the wilderness before they start seaching for me. I love nature and animals but hats almost every person I know because I think they are the stupidest living thing on the planet like most people.(and you have to admit, most people are so tucking stupid its rediculous they've survived) I also want to be able to do normal things like go to college and have a job.(btw I want to be a zoologist, that's mainly why I care about school so much)any thoughts on what I should do, because this is literally the ninth time ive thought about running away.

Nov 17, 2012

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  • 15 and oh so tired of the human species already. Well, get ready to be broken sloooooooowly over the next 50 years or so, because you are nowhere near "tired" yet, sweet thing. Wanna know why "old people" are so "grumpy"? You're on the fast track to learning why. Enjoy!! :)

  • I agree with you, people aren't the greatest. Sometimes they just completely suck. But how is running away going to solve anything ? There will be other problems you'd encounter living alone with animals in the wilderness. And by the way, wilderness is disappearing anyways and you will still find you encounter people or need them for certain things in life. It would be more helpful to you if you study about people and psychology and learn how to deal with people more effectively, how to understand them better, as well as continue your zoology studies. And what good is becoming a zoologist if you don't share your findings with others so they are willing to help protect the wilderness and animals you love from disappearing completely ? Good luck to you.

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