I am lonely a lot of the times.. & I ignore almost everyone I know because I'm not interesting, I don't have anything to say, or at least I feel that way.

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  • I felt the same way. I was lonely and I was scared to talk to people because I thought they wouldnt like me. I gathered up all my courage and started talking to some new people. Now I have great friends and spen more time laughing and having fun then I do feeling lonely. There are always people out there that will except you or who you are:)

  • you have to stop thinking that you are un-interesting and that you have nothing to say- If you think that then it will be very hard for you to think of anything to say!.. if that makes any sense lol Just take an interest in the people that you do know, just because you feel a bit boring shouldn't stop you from being a good friend :) Often people just want someone who will listen to them and you will find interesting things to say later on.. I promise :)

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