Get over it

I just heard a Baptist preacher rant on and on how it "offends" him that people sometimes say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." This from a person who supposedly loves all mankind.

I felt like telling him how his" holiday REALLY got started, how it was co-opted off the pagan Winter Solstice rituals, how most of the symbolism he feels is so holy was invented by commercial interests in the 19th and 20th centuries. But it was obvious that he was so narrow-minded it wasn't worth the trouble.

By the way, preacher, your savior is a Jew. Happy Hanukkah.

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  • I love you guys. the holier than thou attitude has really worn thin with me. Happy frickin chrismahannaquanzakamas. Now burn in **!

  • #3 kind of misses the point. If the person is a total stranger then you have no way of knowing what religion they are, so I say "Happy holidays" to them. If they THEN indicate they prefer Merry Christmas I use that term, I'm not Christian but it doesn't offend me either. By the way "Merry Christmas" has only been used since Dickens coined it in the mid-1800s.

    I think what it comes down to is "Christians" (I use the quotes because most of them are not Christ-like in the least) are seeing their flocks dwindle as people become more enlightened and skeptical, so they immediately start blaming others instead of re-examining the faults and flaws of their belief system. There is no "War on Christmas" as the Faux News people would like you to believe; we agnostics have no agenda to eliminate YOUR religion, we simply wish to preserve our freedom to choose any one or none at all.

  • I like being in wait and using Merry Xmas. You will get someone who will freak over it as another bastardization of -their- holiday. From Xristos. Translates to Christ. I'm not religious, but it sure ** some off.

    I use Happy Holidays. ** them. I've been around the world too much to think the season belongs to a particular population.

  • Thank Bill O'Reilly for stirring up people like that with his ** "War on Christmas" rhetoric.

  • Problem with the Baptists is, sometimes they don't hold 'em under water quite long enough...

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