I broke up with my ex a while back. It wasn't really his fault, I just wasn't happy. I have a new boyfriend, and he makes me happy most of the time(which is more than my ex), but there's no love. My ex loves me and i love him. I don't deserve him but I kind of want him back. But at the same time I don't want to go back to being unhappy for him to be happy. Should I just wait and see if my current boyfriend will love me? Or should I go back to my ex?

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  • Sounds like both of you are quite stupid and simply not mature enough to understand real love , for sure there is no real love between you . your in the relationship now for s** and companion ship , there is not real respect .

    three things are essential for a long lasting relationship , intelligence, maturity and respect , With respect and physical attraction will come a strong chemistry bond , if you are intelligent and mature you will work hard to make it work . Today's generation is all about s** and self sufficiency , not about love and respect , keep your stud and s**** your brains out , you will only hurt your past relationship , both of you are not mature and not intelligent enough

  • Agree with the third option. Take time to really get to know yourself. Go see and do things,travel. Don't be an easy lay either (not saying you are). Take flying lessons, learn to play golf, go hiking with friends or groups. The right person will actually walk into your life and you will know he is the one. Pull back on the throttles and take in the view. S*** if you don't want to do all that, go back to school.

  • *You're missing a third option...

  • Your missing a third option in your Choose you. You jumped from one guy to another too soon, you weren't ready. Your feelings aren't resolved from the old relationship, so you think you'll go to another one to fill some void. You need to love yourself first and not depend on someone else to feel love. Yes, it's not easy..but you can do it. And it's not's just for a little while so that you know you can stand on your own. Does that make sense? Your ex is an ex for a reason..let it be. Chances are if you were to get back with the old bf, things may be great for a little while but you both would fall back into your old ways. And then you'll be unhappy again. This new guy.. if you don't feel anything for him, let him go. It's really not fair to him or to you. Best suggestion, you need to get over one guy before you enter into another relationship. You need to be happy on your own. Be single for a bit and figure out who you are independently of some man. Go out with friends, take classes, find a new sport.. Find you.

  • I'm a guy and I approve this message.

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