Why do I hang out with you people?

Sometimes it bugs me that most of my friends seem ignorant. It's like the only thing they know about life comes from TV. They think the law works the way it does on court shows or that the medical situations on 'House' or 'ER' are all completely true and accurate.

A friend of mine wanted to quit his job and get a grant to open a business. I told him grants are often difficult to land and can take months and months to process. I told him he would be better off just getting a simple business loan. He got all p*****. He said he would just sell smoked meats out of his house instead; so then I warned him that the health department doesn't allow for that and he got all offended again. It was just the simple truth but he thought I was trying to be negative towards him. I wasn't. I was just telling him that the health department doesn't allow for people to sell food out of their homes like that.

Another friend decided to 'get rich' in the online Forex market. I told him that most were scams. I did research on them because I was hired to do a large writing project about them. He argued that the one he used was legit. He lost his entire $30,000 401k.

Another friend of mine got laid off and didn't try to file for unemployment because the company he worked for told him they hadn't paid unemployment taxes so he wouldn't be able get any help. I told him NO- they took the deductions out of his check and if they didn't give what they took to the state that wasn't his problem. Any unpaid employment taxes were an issue for the company and the state to settle- it had nothing to do with him! Never mind that I've run three businesses- he insisted he needed advice from an attorney about it all. He couldn't even afford an attorney anyway, and really, he could have just looked s*** up on the internet. He finally- after much b******* and whining- filed and got his unemployment.

You can't tell people anything. Or maybe it's because I have b**** and somehow this means information coming from me must be doubted and dismissed at all times. It's not about being right- it's just saying 'hey dude- be careful'. But, honestly, to be real about it, even though I love 'em to death, I sit back and look at them all and at my core I think: idiots. You're all a bunch of undereducated idiots. But that's no excuse to be so stupid! Pick up a book dammit!!

I shouldn't feel that way... but I do.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Some people are just ignorant and they'll never change. I know that you consider them your friends, but it sounds like you need another circle of friends that are as intellectual as you seem to be. Im not saying to drop them entirely either. Remember, you can't help someone unless they help themselves.

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