Not a confession, just an anonymous rant.

Watchmen. Huge fan of the book, big comic geek right here, consider it one of the best of the medium. The movie, however, I loathe. It's just not Watchmen. But at the same time, I hate hearing the average ignorant movie-goer talk about how much it sucked. It grinds my gears, and that's dumb because I thought it was s*** too. But not for the same stupid "There was a blue guy who was NAKED!" and "There wasn't no action!" reasons as them. I just want to punch them for being so stupid. And it also p***** me off even more when these idots seem to think or say that that movie is Watchmen! IT'S NOT! Now these idiots think that that piece of s*** movie is the book. F*** ignorant average movie-goers, and f*** Hollywood!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • An angry fanboy, wow, original.

    Sarcasm aside, you are right, but get used to it.

    Sorry, not trying to be rude, but look at sci-fi movies recently, look at horror. Everything is geared for the most part to idiot children. If its not PG-13, its watered down and pathetic.

    It won't change either. Unless you or someone you know becomes a multi-millionaire, and decides to put a lot of effort into making a truly disturbing movie, ignoring the MPAA and making it 21+ thus proving that something other than remakes or this s***** wave of really stupid comedies will be watched by the American public, well, get used to the current state of cinema staying like this for a long long time, or even getting worse (Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler in 'Dumbasses Will Watch Anything!)

    In short, get over it. Enjoy your graphic novel.

  • True points, above poster. But the thing is, the target audience DOESN'T like the movie. Fans are divided, and the audience it was marketed to (dishonestly, as an action movie) didn't care for it. Movie just shouldn't of been made.

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