I'm an American

And i say this to anyone who hates Americans...\n\nGO ** YOURSELF!!!!!\n\nAMERICA, ** YEAH!!!!!!

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  • I hate america with a fiery passion its literally thee most evil murderoius oppressive country in the world , we the usa act as if wee the only ones that can take over country . the only onee to drop nukes on ppl who dont have the USA i spit on this trash land ,i will leave asap when i get the money to.

  • ^We don't claim him.

  • Hank the Yank.

  • ^Yeah, not long after high school and you'll be prancing and mincing with the best of them.

  • I hate **, jews, gays, spics,mud people and oh ye the **-


  • ^LMAO you're the suckiest troll ever! Anyone from England knows Yank is spelled with a capital Y, you dumbass.

  • America's gay!

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