You're just bitchy because..

You don't know how to admit you're wrong.
You think you're right about everything.
You think you're so cute with your annoying ass voice.
You wonder why you have no more friends.
You believe you can trust people but you can't.
You seclude yourself from everyone around you.
You know he's the only person you have now.
You can't admit he's capable of cheating on you
... because I'm the only one who has said it to your face and you're embarassed.
I'd be greatful if I were you. I know how to control myself.but You p*** me off enough and I might just spill your dirty secret to everyone around us. As much as I know hate is a strong word, I can honestly say I don't care anymore, I hate you. You've turned into someone I don't recongnize anymore. You're not worth it and I'm not the only one who thinks so you helpess idiot.

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