Thinking of you

I really don't know that I could tell you who this is addressed to, but if I could name you, I'd find you and hold you tight and not let go. You're why God put this big hole in my heart, you're the reason I was made incomplete. I know you exist, and you're out there right now, maybe not even thinking about me but I think about you. I pray for you, and about you, you're on my mind a lot lately. It's getting into my senior year and I'm going to be in college soon, and I've stayed away from a whole lot of trouble, and I've done a lot to hold to my standards. As of now, you'll still be my only one. I've saved myself for you, because you're very worth it. Sometimes I'm happy, but sometimes I worry that if I slip up we may not meet, and then I'll have to go on without that hole in my heart being filled up, and I'm not sure how much longer I can do that. I guess I don't have much new to say, but I hope our relationship has time to grow, and that we can get closer to God too, I can't wait until I get older and can get over all of these dumb teenage emotions. But for tonight, I'll say goodnight one day we'll see these starts together I'm sure.



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  • Hi Anon. <3

  • I don't know if you're talking about your future sweetheart or someone you already know, but I've been feeling that way too, kind of. No one really likes me right now but I know my love is out there somewhere, and I pray for him all the time even though I haven't met him yet, and I really try to keep myself clean and worthy for him because that's what I hope the kind of person he is, too. He has to love God and be like Job and want to live in Africa and have mad compassion for the human race. I'm just waiting.

  • I'm thinking of you too.........let's f***.

  • OMG the same thing is happening to me!!!

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