best friends?

I hate my friends. Every single one of them. But I smile and pretend like i love them. And I know they talk about me and tell my secrets. i know i should have learned by now. But I didn't. And now everyone knows all my secrets and doesn't wanna be my friend. Im trapped. I have to remain to stay friends with my foes. Because no one else is so desperate for friends. I want to talk to other people but they wont let me and so now im really trpped. Help me! I want to scream it out to the world. My crush likes me and I can't date him because he's not "of my friends approvel." in other words, he's kinda a geek, and well-im on the other end of the spectrum. But the truth is is that i love him and he loves me and i know nothing else should matter. But im trapped in a world were everyone is watching me, waiting for me to make a wrong move. :(

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  • Don't be two-faced! I HATE two-faced people. If you don't like your friends then STOP HANGING OUT WITH THEM!!!

  • I think you should ignore them. Do what you want. Who cares what they want, they arent you. If you let them control your life then what do you have? Nothing. Who cares if you become unpopular or whatever? At least you'd be happy with the one you love.
    Good Luck

  • Change your life. New job? It'll put different hours on you and you might not sync up with your friends so much, and may let you meet new people.

    If you are still in high school, you really might be stuck until you are done.

  • Date the guy behind ur friends back! THen u proabably could ditch ur friends and be with the guy

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