i have no friends. i dk how to make so lonely

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  • I feel the same way. I have hundreds of friends but not one I feel remotely close to.

    you can be mine, if you'd like.

  • How old are you? I am sure there are groups like the YMCA or church activities you could participate in. Or something at school. They key to making friends is, don't TRY too hard, and don't act phony. Find people with similar interests. And most of all, don't do it over the Internet.

  • I agree to that. I do not know if you a male or female. I do not know you she. But find activity in your school or church. Maybe a YMCA, boys and girls club or a senior center. Be your self, say hello to someone. Take part in a sport, or a conversation or some other activity. Do not try to find or made a best friend so fast. These things I believe will lead and help you find a best friend. Good luck and hod bless you.

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