Lost Him

I slept with the guy i liked at his party, lucky me right? everything went great. then the next day i got super drunk at a party and slept with his bestfriend... he was really rough and there was blood everywhere.... about two days after i found out that the guy i like, likes me too but i ruinned it by ' leaving a mess ' the next night with his friend. ughhhhh....

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  • It's a tough situation. I have cheated on boyfriends at parties and those relationships ended. I know it hurts now, but you have to just try to do better next time.

    Don't get me wrong...those times I cheated on my boyfriends happened to be some of the hottest times I had, but everything we do has consequences.

  • i know u r thinking im not a w**** and u r rigt,u r below a w**** ..s**** is 2 nice..at least a w**** dosnt give it away


  • Don't let these *a******** who commented above me make you feel bad for what you did. it's your life, and not their place to judge. i totally agree with the one who wrote you should go talk to the guy you like. its always worth a shot =) p.s. to the others..read the directions and actually have consideration for others when commenting.

  • What happened to your self respect? What happens when you get knocked up and dont know who the father is....... Geez......

  • Your a s***!! Good job w****

  • W****

  • oh wow. im really sorry to hear that. i think that you should be honest and upfront with the guy that really likes you because its very obvious that his friend does not respect you. hope i helped

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