i dont even think im gay i just like him!!!????

when i was 15 i met him he was 17 people would always comment on how much time we spent together we must of been the best of friends they would say it started when i went to his house for the second time his parents wer out and trying to find thing to do we ended up in his parents bedroom he said they might have some hiden alcohol after finding a bag of condoms he started to ask me questions about s** and who i fancy i went all shy but i dint usually mind anouncing who i liked i avoided the quetions by asking him if he had had s** he said yes i asked who with he said he would not say so i asked who he likes he said me i thought he was joking at first befor i knew it he was on his knees undoing my trousers he gave me a b******* then got up and acted like nothing had happened after that day i would go to his house everyday wherther his parents wer in or not and the same happened

now im 18 and at my first year of uni iv not seen him in a while i dont know wat to do he has asked to come and visit me for the weekend and i said yes when he gets here a meets my girlfriend will he say anything we wer never going out or anything im to scared to ask if i scare him off and never see him again but if he dosent say anything im gona have to share a room with him anyway wat will he expect im not a cheat but could i say no so many questions i just dont dare answer

i think of him every day mayb being with my girlfriend im just lying to myself but iv never been attracted to another man of ever considered myself to b gay i am attracted to women almost every day pfft wats wrong with me


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  • You're in your first year of Uni and you write like that?! Jeebus.

  • If you do love your gf and your happy then dont let him visit otherwise you probably will cheat! If u arent happy then maybe you are gay.

  • Hetro with a b******/p**** fetish?

  • i think what you should do is talk to him about it, and spend time with him to see if you should or could really be in a relationship and/or if you even like him anymore. talk to your girlfriend?

  • I was asking for advice not criticism

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