Im a 17 year old.i used to love my dad a lot.but for the past one year he has been doin disgustin stuff.he watches a lot of p*** when my moms away n keeps masturbating.he thinks i dont notice it.but i do.he uploads sick pictures of himself on the net.i ve even seen a video of himself jerkin off on my pc.its plain disgusting when hes jerkin off when we are sleepin close enough to see each other n he thinks nobodys watchin him.but i do.i try to shut it off.but im scared sometimes.i dint do anythin abt it.recently my bestie came over to my place for a sleepover n when we wer sleepin he went over to my friends side n started masturbating.i was asleep.she wasnt.she never told me abt it.she told somebody else.i came to know abt it.i feel ashamed n scared to ask her.i cant take it.i dont know wat to do abt it.i cant leave it alone.but i still love my dad..i know he does too..but i need to do somthin abt it.the other thing is..i realised my mom is having an affair.both my parents are doin dis s***.pls help

Sep 3, 2012

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  • Dam came a little late but hope you moved out and things are better

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