i want to have s** so bad. but i feel

i want to have s** so bad. but i feel like i will regret it if i don't have it with someone i care about a lot. but i don't have a boyfriend or anything.. which i want.
i hate when guys ask me if i'm a virgin and when i say yes, they treat me different, like they aren't interested.


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  • The obvious solution is to go and have s** with every guy that's willing (which is just about every guy) for the next few years.

  • Don't make s** something so powerful and huge and impossible. It's only as big of a deal as you make it. So stupid, but so true... don't "put the p**** on a pedestal." It's just s**.

  • Maybe you should m*********. That way you wont get knocked up or end up with an STD! I started out masturbating when I was about 12. I used household stuff like candles the end of hairbrushes. I would wait till everyone went to bed, turn the radio on, and bang the h*** out of myself. Rub your c*** while you do it. Or do it while your in the tub and its all slippery and wet. Let the bath water coming out of the faucett full blast hit your c*** for a few minutes. You don't need to lose your virginity to c** your ass off.

  • don't do it

    I did
    and i regret it every day

  • all other girls these days are s****, live it up with em, nice guys finish last, f*** the a*******!!

  • sexual desire is a natural part of the human emotion. It is perfectly normal to want to experience pleasure and stimulation in a physical sence.But you have to be careful about casual s** not only from an std standpoint but what type of individual you are going to have s** with especially your first time. S** can be good even with casual partners, but it depends on what YOU are looking to get out of it. If you want an emotional connection than casual s** is not for you. However, if you find the person that you connect with don't let that keep you from experiencing more. My first wife was a virgin when we got married and we quickly found out that we were not compatible in a sexaul way. This destroyed our marriage. So my advise to you is to search your own soul for the reasons that you want to have s** and make your desision at the right time and don't leave anything to chance. Before you enter into a deep loving relationship you need to know you are compatible in every way.

  • Looking back, after having s** with many virgins, and then getting married, I wish all those girls would have slapped me in the face and told me to get lost. I am trying like h*** to keep my daughters on the straight and narrow. You should not give in to your desires, true love is right around the corner if you wait.

  • You know the greastest gift you can give someone in a marriage is your self, your whole self. To give your husband your virginity is the greastest gift i know my wife saved her self and when we got married we both were able to give ourselves to each other a true wedding gift.

  • Yeah, the same thing happened to me... and now that I am engaged and getting married, I wish I would have saved it. My boyfriend did but I didn't. It made me feel like a s***... you should demand respect from those boys and not give it up to them. Let them EARN it. In the long run, you will feel so much better about yourself. I did it because I was interested in it and all my friends were doing it.. but that was wrong. If those guys aren't interested in you for what counts, s**** them because they aren't worth your time!

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