got my landlady

i got my landlady.i got home late and my landlady was so p***** she had drunk to much.she could not stand, so i taped my serprise she sat back and played with herself not noing i was there. but she kept drinking, she even put the bottle inside herself and came. but after that she tryed getting up to go to the tiolet but could not so she p***** in the bottle and drunk it. next day she gave me hassle so i posted it on the internet,she better be good to me as i am a single woman that will show her what she done.look at

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  • Um... Link please? Um... for... for research!

  • And shes gonna have revenge on you and i hope its as worse as what your doing to her

  • she has made my life h*** so i do not mind as i no she wants me but i am not interesterd .she has a lot on me but this is revenge.

  • Remember karma, she may be mean to you and you think this is payback,but karma will pay you back also

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