Wife's salad

This morning my wife woke up angry with me because she says I let her get carried away. How is it my fault that at 40 she can't handle her booze and went all girls gone wild last night.
Me and a buddy were sitting in the hot tub watching football, We were getting drunk in the hot tub and my wife showed up, Put on a bikini and joined us, Apparently according to her she didn't realize that sitting in a hot tub drinking red wine of all things would compound the effects. I am not convinced it was the hot tub because she polished off two bottles and when she went to get her third she stumbled, Fell out of the hot tub and laid there laughing with one of her t*** hanging out of her top.
She fixed herself up, Grabbed ANOTHER bottle and came back drinking straight out of the bottle, My buddy had commented on her b*** while she was gone which...Yeah, Ok, She has had 3 kids and the rest of her looks good but her t*** have taken a beating and never were very big to start with but have shriveled up and are NOT her best asset that's for sure. Anyway he made a comment about them and said they weren't that bad, My wife poured herself back into the hot tub and I proceeded to try and talk her into taking off her top telling her that he liked her t***, It took a bit of convincing but eventually she was sitting topless with her chest below the water level and he kept looking at her hoping to get a peek.
I pretty much picked her up and sat her on my lap and after a bit I held her hands down showing him her t***, She was a bit embarrassed but not putting up too much of a fight and after a few more minutes I had him sitting beside us playing with her t*** and she was leaning back kissing me. I thought about tag teaming her but really wasn't into it and kept pushing her to do more with him, I got her kissing him and after that it didn't take long and she had his d*** out stroking him under the water. He sat up on the side of the hot tub and I kept trying to get her to suck his d*** but she kept saying "B******* are for the person you love" but she kept stroking him so I switched places with him and she went right to work sucking me.
She had ZERO objections to him taking dwon her bikini bottoms and fingering her while she sat on her knees giving me head, He got on his kees on the bottom of the tub with her on her knees on the seat and he started licking her. i was leaning forward watching since she has never done this before and as far as I can tell I don't think there will be a repeat so I am watching him and playing with her ass, I started rubbing her brown hole and then he noticed she was enjoying that and he started tossing her salad. I was like "OH...OK", I was watching her face and she put her head on my leg and pretty much forgot about my c***.
She was enjoying it more than I expected and after a minute I slid out from under her and she crossed her arms on the side of the tub, laid her head on her arms and stuck her bum out more. I have never doen it for her, Don't think I ever would but he had no reservations and was right in there, I was watching and he was licking her hole and rubbing her c*** and she had her little t****** hanging down, He was playing with her nipples with one hand, Rubbing her c*** with the other and licking her bum hole.
It was dark but...City dark and looking back now there are probably two, and possibly three neighbors that could have seen our hot tub if they had been looking but anyway, She starts to tense up and shake a bit then relax and repeat, she did that about three times and grabbed a towel, Bit it and moaned as she came thenlaid her upper body flat on the deck (Hot tub is sunk in) I know my wife and I know that if she gets off first and you don't pounce then she will leave you high and hard so i motioned to him to quickly get in her.
He stood up and she just moaned a little as he slammed it in her (He's not real big), He hammered her for a couple minutes, Blew his load in her and then I stepped up behind her and did the same. I didn't want to sit in a hot tub with a bunch of sperm floating around so we all got out, She passed out on the couch, Thank good ness the kids weren't home, He sat by her feet and I untucked her towel and folded it open, She laid there sleeping while he touched and fingered her and I sat in the chair jerking.
He leaned over her and came on her stomach and I stood up, Walked over and came on her too, We wiped her off with the towel and I lifted her head sitting down with her head on my lap and we just sat there drinking beer and seeing how far we could stetch her nipples, He played with her p**** some and after a while dumped a second load on her, I was done, There was no way I was getting hard again but he knelt beside her and sucked on her nipples and palyed with her p**** until her realized he wasn't going to be able to either and we both got dressed.
He was supposed to be sleeping downstairs but I went to bed and I don't know for sure I I think I hear dhim f****** her again after I went to bed. This morning she is super p***** and says she only remembers him tossing her salad and thought it was me who f***** her in the hot tub so I didn't even tell her about the rest but made sure she knew it was him.
If you can't handle your booze and you are willing to let some other guy lick your ass then how is it my fault that I let him f*** you....Get over yourself.

Feb 8, 2020

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    I wish you were my hubby

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