we got an eviction notice and we may

we got an eviction notice and we may have to move. but there is no where to go :/
i'm so scared.
almost more than i have ever been before.
i hate not knowing what's going to happen next. :/

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  • What did u do wrong if ur a girl giv landlord s** that should do if ur male get a job and pay the rent

  • awww dude =[ I was in the same position a few weeks ago, Its scary not knowing whats going to happen, something will come up, it may take a bit but you gotta live through it,

  • Take up masturbation.

    Choking your chicken makes your problems go away.

  • Do you have another family member you can stay with? Your mom would be fine, Im sure. You shouldnt have this to deal with at your age.

  • i heard that boxes make a nice house... i live in a box, kay*

  • Maybe you should get OFF the computer and start looking for a place to stay!!!!

  • That was a well-educated post!

  • One, you should contact the landlord and see if something can be worked out, and two, most cities have many resources which are available to help tenants and landlords resolve problems. Check which of the following agencies are available in your area, and call or write them for information or assistance:

    Local consumer protection agency. See the City and County Government listings in the white pages of the phone book or on the internet.
    Local housing agency. See the City and County Government listings in the white pages of the phone book.
    Local district attorney's office. See the County Government listings in the white pages of the phone book.
    City or county rent control board. See the City and County Government listings in the white pages of the phone book.
    Local tenant association, or rental housing or apartment association. Check the white (business) and yellow pages in the phone book.
    Also, Legal aid organizations may provide eviction defense service to low-income tenants. Some law schools offer free advice and assistance through landlord-tenant clinics.

    Tenants should be cautious about using so-called eviction defense clinics or bankruptcy clinics. While some of these clinics may be legitimate and provide good service, others are not legitimate. Some of these clinics may use high-pressure sales tactics, make false promises, obtain your signature on blank forms, take your money, and then do nothing.

    These clinics may promise to get a federal stay of an eviction action. This usually means that the clinic intends to file a bankruptcy petition for the tenant. While this may stop the eviction temporarily, it can have an extremely bad effect on the tenant's future ability to rent property or to obtain credit, since the bankruptcy will be part of the tenant's credit record for as long as 10 years. Good luck. and try like h*** to not be evicted, it will make renting another apartment almost impossible without a co-signer.

  • I thought you said you went to the library to study, why are you spending all your time on this board?

  • why are you here? why do come here to say stupid s*** like that? you are no help to anyone. that is sooo rude. don't comment if you have nothing nice to say.

  • oh stfu, what if you were in that position? have some maturity.

  • Sounds like your mom spent all the rent money on crack.

  • you can call if bullshit all you want, but if that's all you have to say, maybe you shouldn't leave a comment. and i'd sell my computer, if i had one. i use a library computer almost everyday because i'm here studying my ass off to go to college. shutup.

  • sell your computer

  • I think you spell that, BULLSHIT.

  • the rent changed and my mom didn't realize how much so supposedly we owe so much but they didn't tell us until now so we are being kicked out...

  • why did you get evicted?

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