Never told anyone

I was sexually abused and i haven't told anyone. i'm scared to say it, and it happened when i was about 5-8 years old. i cry when i think about it and i want to speak but i can't just say it because i'm scared.

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  • I am sorry that you experienced that, no one should ever feel the physical and emotional pain of abuse. As another poster said, know that this is not your fault, regardless of what the abuser may have said to you, this is not your fault.

    You are starting off well, by saying it here. You've taken a step in being able to form the sentence that says you were abused, and while I do not know you, I applaud your effort and am proud of you for being able to do that. Continue to anonymously say it when you can. And when that becomes easy, learn to say it out loud, even if you are alone.

    And I hope one day you can say it out loud to someone who can help you, someone who can help validate your pain and help you find a way to heal the broken parts of your soul.

    All the best wishes in the world to you.

  • is a good resource. Please know that the abuse wasn't your fault. You have nothing to be scared of, you have everything to gain from telling someone. It is your first step to beginning the process to heal.

  • You've said it here. That's a start.

  • If you want to chat I am a dad of 2 daughters 39 and 40.
    And I am an understanding male if you want to talk one UK evening.
    I use yahoo messenger-but if you prefer just leave a message for best way for home you can talk.

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