Okay men help me out here-Why would a

Okay men help me out here-Why would a man give a woman a 7 second gaze,{ intense eye contact} in complete silence...then play these gazing games for several months as well as peeking around corners, staring...then abruptly stop. Men accuse women of playing games but I'm begining to think that men are just as bad.I really fell for this guy.Now i dont know where i stand.I flirted back,and nothing came of it.The guy broke my heart and he doesnt even know it.UGH."

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  • asberger's?

  • well guys usually make the first move.
    so I kinda understand. =D

  • How can you know anything if you don't ask. Also, you complained about guys playing games, were you not totally playing this peek-a-boo s*** with him too? Grow up and get your game up!

  • LMAO

  • Who knows what the guy was thinking? Maybe he's a weirdo? Maybe you had mustard on your cheek? Maybe you remind him of somebody else? Maybe he just wanted to rape you? Maybe he's just a big joker? Maybe he's a dreamer and not willing to take action? Maybe he just wanted to remember your face before he masturbated that night? Who knows?

  • Just my point exactly! You 'flirted back' and no response...imagine what it's like to be the flirter!! Girls have it easy, just open legs and see who comes running.

  • Why were you waiting for him to make the move after flirting? Are you unable to do anything for yourself?

  • how could you "really fall for him" if all you did was look round corners at each other ? think you are abit needy get some self esteem set up some bounderies then TALK to someone you like !

  • yeah, guys suck. they are way more messed up in the head then women- at least women talk about their feelings. grrrr men

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