Action Games

My s** is straight, I am a normal girl, but, I like playing boys games such as Call of duty, battlefield, resident evil, WWE and many!! I have bought my PS3 instantly when it has been on the stocks, then I realized that the games should be actions for me to be thrilled. I don't know, but I like that, so take my PS3 ID boys to be knocked out!!

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  • Just go n get some sleep.

  • what are u here to confess? this is not a sin

  • Get back in the kitchen.

  • Oh my god! I am so like you!! And wish to get your email or ID, I will show you how to suffer from playing with me!

  • Where were you all those years!!! Come to me my love!!!

  • Girl, if you were 20 or something the men will fight for you

  • dude, don't even worry bout it. i'm a 15 year-old girl and i play cod,(black ops) ALL the time. I don't blame you man, that s*** is fun :)

  • I'm not a dude, neigther a man! I'm a girl.

  • No u r s******

  • Im 17 and I love video games too :p join the club!

    I can't stand when girls are like, "omg show me how to do this lyk"

    Don't get me wrong, I attend school for fashion too, so I'm a girly girl too. But no one beats me at video games.

  • Nice to hear it from a girly girl like me!

  • Way to go!! I sure want you now!! So tell me.. what is your color of your underwear??

  • I was wondering when I could get a girl like you. So there you are.. anonymous.. haha I love to play to.. trade IDs? Mine is: mostwanted-57

  • There's a difference between you and the OP. You have some tomboy traits while the OP is clearly a geek. The geek girl is a rare breed. She is worshiped by the geek males. Men bow at her feet for attention. The only down side being they are geeks.

  • Cool. You will have thousands of men to choose from when you get older.

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