To the loafer!!!!

Http:// some people like donna and her kids and Courtney have no boundaries to get love... I am shocked by what they are doing to this man... the games they are playing and wicca ... I hope it comes back to them. I would do a lot of things but my god I would not set up someone to suicide and play games they way they have on me and that poor guy.

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  • Ain't nothing wrong with wicca. Proud pagan for the past 5 years here letting you know that it's completely harmless and doesn't affect you in any way, no matter what your society and church might tell you to scare you. The church has been terrified of witchcraft for centuries, doesn't mean it's for a good reason. Witchcraft is a close cousin to prayer, it's two slightly different ways to reach the same goal: influencing the world around you through a belief that your wishes will be heard in some way. Have a google, check out the page, keep an open mind. I don't care if you convert or not, we pagans aren't about that, again no matter what they tell you, we don't give a s*** about converting. Just educate yourself. :>

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