I can only sleep when someone is holding me.

say if I am at the movies with my boyfriend and his arm is around me I fall asleep with in half an hour. Or over summer I fell asleep on a guys chest with his arms around me and that was the best sleep I had in like 2 years!! I sleep so so so much better when someone is holding me! I hate to sleep alone. I have a huge bed and I live having someone here next to me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Im the same my bf likes 2 snuggle up 2 my p....

  • I to need someone's arms about me to fall asleep at nights.
    I now have a 4 foot teddy bear that I cuddle with but the feeling isn't the same even if I wrap myself in it's arms.
    I can blame my uncle for this for last summer camping I ended up in his sleeping bag and he cuddled me so and all night he had me in his arms only to be waken by him in the early morning hours for me to get into my own sleeping bag and every night I would go to him after everyone else had fallen asleep and I got accustom to him holding me in his arms. Nothing sexual ever happened even tho I felt his erection pressing against me but it was so comforting being held by him.

  • I had a best friend in high school. My best best friend patrick. I couldn't sleep without him! It was never sexual, I just needed him to sleep well at night. I know how it goes :)

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