Internet chatroom blackmail

I was catfishing someone on e-chat I was pretending to be a girl who was into walking around in panties, He found out I was a guy and some how got my full name and address he even knows where I work, He told me I have to wear pantyguns to work or he will expose me to my wife and boss, I wore the pantyguns to work and they feel good, I had to post him a picture to prove it and now he wants me to walk around the backyard in the pantyguns for all to see what do I do?

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  • It sounds to me like you enjoyed dressing for him. why dont you try to make a date and meet your blackmailer. Not for revenge but rather to show off for his pleasure. and possibly more.

  • Thats pureBULLshitt

  • The blackmail will not stop regardless of what you do. sooner or later your wife will know. better she hears from you.

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