i dont know what to do...

im so scared. i just turned 16. my girlfriend is about to turn 17. dont tell me that this is too early for true love, ive been through h*** and back with this woman, and i love her with everything. im scared because recently, i think i have may discovered i have a std.... i dont know what to do. i cant live without her, and i dont know what to say to her. im afraid it will break her heart. i couldnt cope with that. i have no idea what to do at this point in time. im scared.

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  • i thought i did..
    turned out to be nothing at all. and i even told her and everything. now we are even stronger in our relationship. everything works out.

  • You think you MAY have an STD?

    You either have one or not!

    Maybe SHE gave it to you.

  • first, relax. i know it's not good news to hear you have an STD, but you need to try to take deep breaths first. then, after you've calmed down, try to see a doctor or go to a sexual health clinic if you have one. identify the STD and see if it can be treated. then, yes, tell your girlfriend... or you can even tell her before seeing a doctor, and that way you have moral support.

    since you got it from a girl you were with before her, she should understand. if she really loves you, she will be proud of you for being brave and respecting her enough to tell her the truth.

    if it's treatable, you both will be fine. if it's not treatable, then i'm not really sure what to say... but i know that if she really loves you, she will still stay by your side.

    but please, before jumping to conclusions, make sure you see a health professional.

    good luck.

  • Just tell her, she deserves to know the truth. you want her to have the best right? Think about her before yourself. So tell her.

  • really so i cheated on her? i was only sexually active with two other girls, one whom i dated for 3 years and another who was a mistake. i never cheated on her. thats the thing.. ive never done anything bad to her, shes never done anything bad to me, and now im having to deal with s*** that doesnt have to do with us?? what the fuckkkkkkkkkkk. if i confess and she leaves me, i wont have s*** to live for man. really, she is my everything and i might have to throw it all away because of MY past. i f****** dont want to deal with this.. i dont know what im going to do

  • Confess to her dude, you don't want to get her infected. Go check it out, and if you do. You have to tell her, that's the least you can do for cheating on her.

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