I hate my brother-in-law. In my entire

I hate my brother-in-law. In my entire life, I have never truly despised anyone in the way I despise him. He and his son live in our house and I can't find a way to tell my husband that I hate his brother and want him gone, so instead, I spend valuable energy and time obsessing about ways to make his life as miserable as he has made mine

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  • If you really want him out, you need to be rational and non emotional when you talk to your husband about it. Sit down with your husband and tell him how you feel. Tell him you respect him for loving and caring for his brother (which I am sure you do) but that for your marriage to prosper and grow you need your home to yourselves. Then set a date and get his buy in. Then the 3 of you need to sit down and talk it out. Remember you have to remain calm, rational and non-emotional. Because if you get crazy you will lose. Your marriage has to be more important than his brother.

  • Tell him you want him out without saying you despise him. . .make up another excuse. Or just say the brother tried to come on to you!

  • hahaha i have a few tips for you to get rid of him....
    1. just randomly box up all his stuff and throw it into the middle of the street
    2. f*** his son
    3. make threatening phone calls and write threatening notes with crayons to his son
    4. move out one day and not tell him where
    5. find him a ho he can move in with

    if those dont work then call me and i have hundreds of other ideas ... Mykie ^^

  • You of course, know the answer to your problem. You are going to have to get your husband to put is brother out, as you come first and are the woman of the house. Give his brother 2 months to get his act together and tell him, on the 30th of the second month the locks will be changed and his belongings will be in boxes out in the garage (if you have one). It the only way to get rid of people who are happy to stay in your house and are not making plans to leave. Good luck.

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