I hate my brother

I dearly hate my brother he didn't rape me or some weird s*** he just makes my life hard as f*** he is older he acts 2 and he's big as h***. Other girls love their big brother but I hate mines my dad and mom always say we should love one another and I guess I do but I will never forgive him for f****** with my life or pulling some dumb s*** I hope he reads this

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  • I hated my bro growin up beat me ip show up front mates older pay back f*** his wife rotten had er do things never do him lol

  • Hopefully, in the future you can get to a place where you and your brother can have a better relationship. Just because your related doesn't make it an easy relationship. Sounds like he needs to grow up a lot.

  • My ex girlfriend feels the same way about her older brother.

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