Best friends for ever!!

Im 16, and lesbian. My two bestfriends had a sleep over and it was only us three, we drank a little bit of alcohol, and later that night we were all in the bed and i hooked up with one of my bestfriends, and i rolled over and hooked up with the other one...they are both straight, and have boyfriends. i thought that night would have changed things between us, but it hasn't. i kinda wish we could do it again

Jul 14, 2010

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  • Things happen.. and I have a feeling that they're just trying to forget. Find people just like you; sexuality is an important thing in a person and you need to embrace it with others who are on the same page - not late night hookups with your straight besties.

    Good luck okay?

  • The term hook up is so... vague. If you were hooking up in my mind would include full complete o****** from both of you including foreplay and all that exploration of each others body's. Then the other friend took a number and stood in line?

    Perhaps you just planted the seeds to the breakup of your friends relationships with their boyfriends, or you secured their belief of being hetro, or they are avoiding the issue of them being sexually molested but value the friendship you all had before you had wandering hands.

    I'm sure you have outed yourself about your preferences to them. That means a lot also. More details about that yet?

  • It seems a bit odd that 16 years into your life you consider yourself a lesbian. Granted your sexual experiences with other girls feels great and even natural because you have an understanding of a female body. But in reeality you have your whole life ahead of you. Please respect yourself and slow down on the "hook ups". Life has an unending amount of experiences and relationships for you. Don't rule out a great guy coming into your life and being everything you ever wanted in a friend and a lover.

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