Alotta guys like me at school im only 14 but ive kissed 12 guys and alott of them were hook ups i just hooked up with my friends boyfriend i dont want to do stuff like this but i live off of it for some reason i hooked up with three guys in one day yahh people call me a hoe but for some reason it makes me wanna do it moree

Jul 22, 2011

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  • yea, your a hoe. Your probably gonna lose all your morals, turn into an attention seeking s***, who cakes so much crap you wont even looking pretty anymore. Then when your out of school, you wont have anymore friends, and no one will be left to 'love' you. wont have a future, because u fuked around to much in highschool. You betrayed everyone that meant anything, and carelessly grew a self obsorbed facade.

    but you know its true, unless you decide to change and realise whats really important in life.

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